Women – Fighting Back?

June 3, 2011 12:00 am Comments

Women Power Women – Fighting Back?

There are a number of Not for Profit organizations set up every second day…for what? To protect the rights of thousands of women across the country who have been exploited. Then why are there still so many front page stories of women being raped, murdered and mutilated? Women in remote villages of India are being assaulted every day, many a times by people who are closest to them. The epidemic is not so severe is metros and smaller towns, but still women are terrified to tread the streets alone. Why are people claiming that the streets are safe for women, when they have to every day be subjected to eve teasers on the metro, in the local and while walking on the road. Where is the fault? Who needs to be educated? How can they be educated? The roots are too deep.

The government often indulges in statistics, data and converts the situation into projecting that things are manageable. They are not. Recently, an article highlighting the material well being index of women as being very high posed a question. The answer suggested that women are safe, so as to ensure that the ‘junta’ does not flare up and start fighting about their safety concerns. A similar study that mapped the safety index of women, showed a divide that was prominent. Women may be materially fine, but their safety is still at risk.

Mumbai Delhi and Pune are known to be some of the best cities to live in for women. But the safety index suggests otherwise. Places in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Himachal Pradesh are high on safety for women. Statistics are good, however when they are used for good, only then do they count. The government may be plotting out data and analyzing it to make safety for women a possibility, but the everyday situation, begs you to think otherwise.

It is the root cause of the problem that needs to be touched upon. Every individual needs to understand the importance of safety for women. In some cases, women are harassed in broad daylight; and often they do not say anything. If people around her would stand up for her, these perverts could be caught red handed and punished for their actions.

The situation on the streets is indeed sad, being verbally harassed can be as traumatizing as being physically molested, if the problem is allowed to grow unchecked in certain areas. Women are constantly insecure, they have to watch their every move, if something happens to them, they probably brought it upon themselves. While women need to be careful as well, they should dress appropriately to ensure that they do not bring upon themselves ugly comments.

There will be a day when the Indian woman can walk on Delhi streets without being worried about the time. There will be a day, when the men in the local compartments and stations in Mumbai will stand up and fight for the woman who is being harassed. While chivalry is not completely dead, the virtue is extremely uncommon.

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