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Management Tech Geeks to the Rescue

Technology has indeed made an individual dispensable to the organization. It’s a well known fact that the organization than the individual and this common fact has only been accentuated with technological advancements coming to the fore. Technology has helped in restoring transparency, accountability and structure to organizations around the world in every industry and every sector and today is the basis on which every organization is built.

Technology however is all pervasive, there is not a single aspect in business management that can afford to ignore the importance and support of technology if business target need to be met with and bottom lines need to be shining. Management and technology today go hand in hand, and gone are the days when your IT support team was called upon only to repair your computer. Today, the IT departments of organizations are far more capable of then just repairing bugs that may be infecting your computer at work.

Large investments in technology have been made by organizations in different industries. From organizations that revolve around manufacturing and exporting products to those that are service oriented, every organization relies on the support of technology for faster turn around time in every aspect.

Time has indeed replaced money as the new currency and if you can save time you can easily save a lot of money, Technology has helped people save time and therefore make optimum utilization or resources. Today, you need fewer people to perform tasks than you did just a few years ago. Technology has seeped into every grain of the organization and from manufacturing to accounting to human resources and supply chain management technology drives the business.

But are these large investments in technology worth it? Absolutely yes, if you take for example customer relations, today, we are able to stay in touch with our customers on a day to day basis without making too much effort. E-mail marketing is a thing of the past now, social media networking has replaced even email marketing and research and constant touch is extremely easy. This change in technology has allowed for ease in communication and better customer connect. In fact it has also made companies a little more particular about products supplied as, the public platform of social networking media allows customers to give instant feedback and if it’s not good, it could easily affect the image of the company.

Customer relationship management programs have received a 360 degree change and accounting of points, redemption and rewards to customers have made way for ultimate customer satisfaction. In fact it is not just Customer relations that has received a boost. Human resource management too deploys technology to recruit employees, track performance, reward employees, create loyalty and rewards and recognition programs as well as take care of payroll. Supply Chain Management one of the most crucial departments of any organization heavily invest in technology to track shipments and make sure that products, raw material etc. Reach the desired places in time and in perfect condition.

The impact of technology on management is only going to become stronger as we go forward and development of more structured process to maximise utilization of resources is something every organization can look forward to. Every business, big or small invests in technological support, without it today, you will be irrelevant.

Even from a personal time management perspective technology has evolved to provide a number of tools that can help one manage and save time and hence be more productive. It is now simpler to achieve more in less time by simply being more organized by using technology as a crutch. Google has a number of productivity tools that most people use today to keep their progress in check and stay on track. The theory of GTD deploys a number of tools to help people Get Things Done by simply staying organized and disciplined.

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