Systems Thinking, The Simon Way !

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learning Systems Thinking, The Simon Way !

“The Whole is more than Sum of Parts; the whole gives way for emergence of new models/techniques/taste” – that’s how the day started with Mr. Simon Goland initiating the discussion on “Whole Systems Thinking”. The purpose of the course was to expose students to understand the need for Systems thinking.

Mr. Simon has a passion for creating and cultivating adult learning environments.
Apparently, this is the first visit to India for Mr. Simon. To create a world of reminiscence, he took snaps of every gully that he ventured. He was enthralled by the variety of languages, culture and religions that exist in India and appreciated the diversity that we get here, which he get exposed only on visiting foreign countries.

Mr. Simon Goland holds multitude of degrees. B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Partial M.Sc. in Information and Systems Sciences, M.A. in Leadership and Adult Learning, Certificate in Sustainable Business and currently pursuing Ph.D. in Eco-Psychology. Man!! That’s an overtly large quantity. It just reveals the passion that Mr. Simon has towards Learning and in turn creating learning environments. No surprise that he calls himself an “Alchemist”, a deserving title.

Well, taking you all to his class room session that we enjoyed at SOIL, we got an opportunity to get exposed to few Western way of learning; more of Simon way of Learning. It is learning by doing. Simple stuffs, if you do it then and there as you learn, it retains in your brain for long.

That’s how I still remember few Exercises that reflect how our Brain associates a given set of words with an already registered word. In other words, advent of ‘Human prejudice’. Also, the “Walk, Stop, Clap” exercise was quite lively, depicting the speed of reflex actions and of course how fast we commit mistakes by relating to our conventions, in a changing environment.

Students liked his presentation skills and also, the case examples that he quoted were simple and impactful, emphasizing ‘Systems Thinking’. When asked about Mr. Simon, our Yoga Instructor “Mrs. Susie Roy” said that he is a person who always ‘walks the talk’. In all aspects, with “Systems Thinking”, no doubt that he has created an impact amidst the students of SOIL.

Balasanjeevi Balasubramaniam

BLP 2011-12

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