Productivity Tools you Should not Refuse to Use!

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Productivity Productivity Tools you Should not Refuse to Use!

It’s a universal phenomenon, everyone wishes that they had more time so that they could achieve all that they wanted at work and spend quality time with their family or pursuing hobbies that contributed towards personal growth. However it just seems impossible more often than not to find time to do the things you love and even meet goals that you have set for yourself. What most people do not realise and often underestimate is the importance of time management and increasing productivity.

There will never be enough time, you have to make time, you have to find ways of being more productive at work and at home so that you can finish tasks faster and make time for things that make you happy. Today, there are a number of tools that can indeed help you be more productive. Technological tools that are web based or simple like jotting down to do lists with pen and paper that can help you make the most of the time you have at hand. Below is a rundown of a few productivity tools that you can use to make your life simple.

However, before you start using these tools and start applying them at work and at home, make sure you are ready to follow a disciplined lifestyle and that you stick by the lists you make, because you could spend time using these tools, but you may not follow the routine set by yourself because you are simply busy watching some videos on Youtube or facebook. So, prepare yourself as we give you a pick of the Top 10 productivity tools that you can use for better time management and productivity.

GTD Agenda
GTD Agenda is a web based application that helps you to set tasks and goals for yourself. It is a simple tool and allows you to set tasks and next actions with the intention of achieving your overall goal.

This power packed tool also allows you to monitor your progress on a daily basis by providing daily checklists and over a period of time you can also check trends in task and goal achievement so you know where you need to make changes.

When dabbling with a number of projects that involve a number of people to contribute to the process of development and management of the project, you need to be extremely organized. BaseCamp is one of the best project management tools available today. To carry out the process in a democratic fashion, this platform allows everyone concerned to chip in, in an organized manner.

It is ideal for people who work from home or freelancers who might need to interact with clients and other contractors on a regular basis without having too many documents flying around.

ToodleDo is one of the most used applications for efficient time management and for escalating productivity. It works under the Get Things Done model and allows you to set goals and offers you listing of tasks and next actions. It helps you organize your time for both personal and business goals in a simple layout and makes tracking very easy.

What is amazing about this application is that it gives you a guess-timate and you can allot a time to every task. Then if you have some time left, ToodleDo can create a to do list for you.
Google Calendar
Google calendar is an interesting tool that can be integrated with a number of other applications and devices. You can integrate it with your smart phone and track your progress through the day. It allows you to make different colour coded sheets depending upon your organization and is very easy to use.

However, sometime even a simple note pad and a pen can help you organize your time with ease. But with technologically giving us so many options that help us organize our work better why waste paper?

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