My experience in CORD

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garden My experience in CORD

Date: 13-18 January 2012

I’m Faustino Musicco, a student of MBA program at MIP Business School in Milan, Italy. I had the unique opportunity to attend an exchange program at School of Inspired Leadership, Gurgaon, India. This School is recognized worldwide to build competent, compassionate and inspiring leaders. Being a leader is not just a matter of having knowledge about business and numbers but it also entails a thorough learning of interpersonal skills.

In order to develop my soft skills and my ability to adapt in different situation I decided to visit CORD in Sidhbari, Himachal Pradesh as part of the development.

I had valuable conversations with local people and day-to-day experiences that I would never have in Italy. I had the opportunity to be part of a two days celebration with all previous alumni of Cord. I enjoyed experiencing the Indian dancing style. The celebration along with many other unique experiences would really enhance my capabilities as a person .

Everyone was friendly and helpful and interested in my project and in my experience. I particularly enjoyed the social evenings with staff.

I didn’t expect CORD to be such a peaceful place. Step by step, I learned more about India in general and how to survive here. I also learned a little about how Indians think, how they see things as compared towesterners, and I learned to understand that way of thinking better.

I learned humility, tolerance, and inquisitiveness and most important of all, never to stop questioning why things are the way they are.

My visit to CORD was a real personal challenge but immensely rewarding. This is a fantastic opportunity to live in a rural Indian village and be immersed in the culture and Indian way of life. I had a wonderful week at the project site and the locals were really friendly and welcoming. The great thing about these activities is that you don’t need any formal training or skills – it’s very flexible and you can stay at project site as long as you want.

I would recommend CORD village to anyone!”

I have been trying to understand the root cause of these problems and a few times, I have expressed my opinions. To my analysis, rural issues in India can be solved only if we bridge the gap between rural and urban.

Living so closely with the Cord people has been a privilege – a unique opportunity to experience the lives and ways of the indigenous community. Life in Cord Village is relaxing and quiet, but there is plenty to do. Living at the project site is a nice balance of activity and peace; chores and freedom; community and privacy. Your day is structured, like those of the local people, by chores that need to be performed – fetching water, collecting firewood, preparing food, but the pace of life is very smooth and easy going.

Life here is simple and slow by most standards. I feel that I’ve got the most out of my experience by hanging out with the kids, farmer going on walks to various other villages and by asking lots of questions.

Overall, I feel that this has been a life-changing experience. It’s one that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I intend to come back to CORD at some point in the future and am curious to know how former students have shaped up and the complete village itself. I imagine that the kids as well as the village will be transformed in any number of ways.

Faustino Musicco

MIP Business School

International Student at School of Inspired Leadership

Image Courtesy [Faustino Musicco]

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