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Another amazing day at SOIL! This time it was the fashion event organized by Amit Puri and Hersh Sharma, who hosted the event with a lot of vigour and passion. The theme of the event was ‘Eco Couture’ which focused on the co-evolution of fashion and environment. The participants were given some raw materials out of which they had to come up with products which would be judged based on the creativity and the their sustainable ecological aspects. There were eight groups who in spite of the short time duration came up with dazzling ideas and alluring presentations. The enthusiasm among the participants and the audience was very impressive. After the design, the challenging part was to showcase their products with a good marketing strategy. The teams were allowed to present their design in any form like music, presentations or ramp walk. Besides, the teams were also required to explain how their product is unique and why somebody would buy their product. Overall, the teams were judged based on several parameters such as design, ecological relevance, presentation, resource utilization, price selection and justification and above all, the utility of the product. On the whole, it was creativity at its best.

Here is a glimpse of the designs showcased by the teams:

The team ‘Desizz’ presented an ethnic footwear collection specially targeted at the college going girls. The sandals were made up of recyclable paper. The design was contemporary and met the demands of the dudettes. Their second product was a paper hand bag. The products were priced affordably.

(Team members: Nupur Pachauri, Amandeep Singh, Prabhdeep Singh, Deepmala Baswal and Swetanshu Anand)

‘Ferric Fireballs’ designed eco-friendly belts, handbags and fancy hand-fans. They christened their collections as EcoDude (for men) and EcoChic (for ladies). The products were made from bio- degradable plastic and paper and did not contain any animal products. As a promotional campaign, the customers had an option to buy new products by exchanging their existing products and get a discount.

(Team members: Chinmay Sharma, Shankar Narayan, Raj Shekhar, Manjesh Bharati, Maninder Bisen)

‘Olive Foils’ had designed a complete outfit for the ladies along with accessories. They had combined the theme of ecology with AIDS campaign. Crosses with green ribbons were made and they had proposed that a portion of the sales from these products would go for the benefit of the AIDS patients. They were the ultimate winners and also ran away with the prize in the ‘Best Resource Utilization’ category.

(Team members: Gurleen Kaur, Aarti Gupta, Nidhi Jain, Mohit Mittal, Nihar Routray, Mohit Kakar)

Team ‘Charms’ had come up with trendy Gree-dressing and accessories for woman such as Gree- tShirt, Gree-sandals, Gree-clutch, etc. The USP of these products was that it was synchronous with the theme ‘sustainability’ as these products were made from bamboo and Khadi materials. Some of their promotional activities were organising Grenathon and tying up with corporates and spreading the value of Sustainability. They were declared the ‘Best Presenting team’ for their good work. (Team Members: Ritu Bhatnagar, Neha Singh, Wasim Raja Kabir, Karan Lalit and Jeewan Das Mohta)
The ‘Emerald Stars’, which took the second position and also won the award for ‘Best Resource Utilization’, stressed upon the use of Organic Cotton. Organic cotton is easy to grow and requires a lesser amount of manure and no fertilizers. They sported a trendy top, skirt, hand fan and a beautiful hat to go with it.

(Team Members: Ankita Kulshreshtha, Garima Dhingra, Garima Singh, Upasana Rawat, Prateek Kataria, Raman Girdhar)

‘Vogue’ clubbed fashion and health, by utilizing natural resources. Awarded for the ‘Best Product Placement’ category, their product addressed the rising chronic back and orthopedic problems. They argues that most people refrained from wearing back support belts due to cosmetic reasons and hence this trendy, unisex product.

(Team Members: Akanksha Padha, Avik Dey, Isha Harnal, Natasha Mitra, Richa Bharadwaj, Sundaram Vasudevan)

Team ‘Versatile’, partnering with different NGOs, came up with a wide range of designer products which included designer hat, hand bag, belt and a hand fan. Their vision was to replace leather with jute and other discarded clothes. The materials used are at first made germ-free and then intelligently used according to the fabrics and colors to design different product.

(Team Members: Monika Sahni, Pratibha Sanghwan, Sahilesh Kumar, Sumit Kamra, Supraneet khanna)

‘ECOustics’ made use of recycled, processed plastic and jute. Their motive was to provide the youth with a fashionable product which was also eco friendly and the proceeds from the sales were used to create more and more employment opportunities for the poor and backward classes. They marketed a multipurpose college bag, which was hard to resist!

(Team Members: Aparna Chowdhry, Anand Bihari Mishra, Manu Malhotra, Prashant Agarwal, Prasoon Malviya, Sahiba Sanan)

All the groups that had presented showed their efficiency in designing, idea orientation, presentation, communications skills and above all collective team effort. Given the thirty minutes time limit and the limited raw materials, the event beautifully captured the creativity and was filled with elated faces. Most importantly, this event touched the principles of one of our SOIL pillars ‘Sustainability’ where we were given a chance to apply this learning in real life situations.

Richa Bharadwaj and Natasha Mitra (SOIL HRLP Class of 2012)

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Image Courtesy: Ankit Ahuja

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