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Love – Everyone says it’s such a strange and unique feeling. But, what makes you love a person? Some say looks, some others say “the way people carry themselves”, and the rest say a lot of other things such as “the unique factor in oneself”, talent, the person one is.. and a thousand other reasons. None of them sound way too convincing for me though.

I think it’s the most hyped up thing today that doesn’t deserve the level of attention that it gets. People (including me; I admit ) talk way too much about it. When someone experiences a so-called “rejection” from a person of his/her liking, he/she tends to get all kind of advices such as these: “Do not fall in love, rise in it”, “Love the person who loves you not the person whom you love”, “The fall of one person is always an opportunity for the other”, “All is fair in love and war” and blah blah blah.

I think in this modern era, we have forgotten the deepest eternal meaning of love. The deepest form of love is not necessarily felt with the opposite sex, but in relationships where there are no expectations. In understanding this, we need to know that the quality of relationship one has never improves until he/she goes into a relationship looking to give something and not to take something.

“Love is there all around us. We just fail to see it at times. What we need is not new eyes to see new horizons but new spectacles to see existing horizons”
For understanding what I mean, one should look at the subtleties of life like:
Walking in the rain,
Counting the stars on a dark night,
Laughing without a reason,
A stroll in marina beach (a beach in my home town),
A sip of filter kaapi,
A wonderfully written book,
An entertaining movie,
A reason to feed the poor,
The happiness in greeting a stranger and starting a conversation with him
And the list goes on and on…

So, the next time when someone talks of love failure, respond to the person that “there is no such thing as failure; it’s just that he/she has failed to see love in its true form.”
Thanks to all those noble souls who came into my life to teach me this lesson. It shall never be forgotten.

Vinod Krishnan (SOIL HRLP Class of 2012)

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