A Hundred Rainbows

July 17, 2011 12:00 am Comments

Rainbows A Hundred Rainbows

It’s been a long dreary night
the ones that keep you up
and turning left and right.
Hope the day breaks in soon,
rescuing me from this blight,
And drenches me in its sprightly colour,
in the early morning’s clamour
till I am soaked inside out,
in this petty world of desire.

Think I am dreaming,
She is there, shopping with a friend
swinging a jute basket of the latest trend
Her hearty laughs flow in the air
sending my mind into a delirium rare
My body is waltzing…
Her lovely hair bouncing,
conducting a symphony
enough to strike up an entire band
I stay enthralled…
Her expressive little eyes twinkle
like the sparks elusive fireflies kindle.
And my eyes- stay unblinkingly possessed
etching away sublime as Rembrandt himself,
deep impressions on the canvas of a lifetime
for me to stumble, someday after my prime.

Suddenly, everything starts to ebb away
Frantic and desperate, I try holding their sway
but at a loss I am,
who can hold the ruthless desert sand.
Emotions well up in my eye sockets
quivering disdainfully at the eye line
until they flowed down cheerless
leaving a trail of false silvery shine.
She has chosen her path and you have to now
Coz she ain’t coming back anyhow.
Hope the dream had never come to an end
although a buoyant heart it had rend
But it was through these teary kaleidoscopes
That I saw, filling my sky- a hundred rainbows.

Nihar Routray (SOIL BLP Class of 2012)

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